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Beat Garden Entertainment is proud to present the first solo offering from Official Joey Fatone impersonator ZILLA ROCCA! Today marks the release of his mixtape Bring Me The Head of Zilla Rocca, a 22-track rap excursion into the mind of the MC/Producer/Blogger who loves rhymin', women, and sneakers he can't afford.
With production handled mostly by Zilla and Beat Garden in-house producer extraordinaire Alex Wood, Bring Me the Head is essential listening for fans of Redman's Whut? Thee Album, Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique, and Ghostface's Pretty Toney Album--a loose, funky hodgepodge of battle raps, musings on strip clubs, falling for older women, and reflections on the city of Philadelphia.
Crafting the mixtape like a full length album with samples we could never clear, Zilla went bonkers with it--check the classic Marvin Gaye Trouble Man break on "Cup Runneth Remix" featuring Nex Millen chopping the beat live on the turntables. "All Feast, No Famine" featuring ASK? and MAGr is a breezy ride over Dorothy Ashby's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix." And the straight up beat jacking of mixtapes past is present here with Zilla unleashing hell on tracks by DJ Premier, RZA, DJ Babu, Kanye West and J Dilla.
Guests on production include Griff (RhymeCity Records), Evolve One ("The Prelude" from No Beast So Fierce) and Nex Millen (Nuthouse, Respect the Culture), who also did cuts on 5 tracks. On the mic, you'll hear Zilla putting it down with Beat Gardeners Nico the Beast, Triple Nickels, and ASK? with help from Reef the Lost Cauze (Army of the Pharoahes), 2ew Gunn Ciz (YBME/iStandard), Slim DSM, MAGr (Break Bread Projects/All City Dublin), SUP, and Mally from the 612.
You can download the mixtape FOR FREE at Zilla's blog Clap Cowards:
Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 24, you can catch Zilla on G-Town Radio's The Rec Show from 8pm-10pm. This will be the third time Beat Garden has kicked on The Rec, and we always have a blast, so make sure you tune in at and hit them up on AIM (gtownradio) or by phone with questions, comments, and car notes for Zilla and company.
Finally, the offical mixtape release for Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca will be going down this Saturday, Sept 27th, at Liquid Charm in Philadelphia! This really is the event you don't wanna miss! Reps from,, and will be in the building filming performances, interviewing artists and fans, and taking high quality photos that will be posted online. You'll also be able to network and drink like a king with people from iStandard Producer Showcase,, Public Axis Booking/Promoting, Thor Takeover Records. Krush Unit Records, and a whole hell of a lot more! Here's all the info once again:
Sat. Septemeber 27th, 2008
Liquid Charm
12th and Race (FREE PARKING IN LOT ON 12th STREET)
$10 (Free Mixtape Upon Entrance!)
Hosted by Big O (Beat Garden Management)
DJ Nex Millen on the tables (Respect the Culture)
Performances by:
Zilla Rocca
2ew Gunn Ciz (YBME/iStandard)
Special apperances by:
Triple Nickels
Nico the Beast
We can't wait to see you on Saturday! In the meantime, download the music, check out G-Town Radio tomorrow night, and have a commodius day!
Steve "Zilla Rocca" Zales
Beat Garden Entertainment
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Robert Digweed Collective

Comin’ Home Baby! // Evolve One Remix

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"3min in Seattle - the worlds fastest mixtape", by Parker Edison (of P&T/FamRoyal) 

  • Digital Track

    Immediate download of “3min in Seattle - the worlds fastest mixtape” in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    copy this link and text message it by iPhone to your friends with good taste

    Free Download


" I met Evolve One here in San Diego. Always dug his beats. Never really got a chance to getdown with him. He moved to Seattle but I was still hearing E.P.s ( he was doing up there. Fast forward to January of this year. I’m in Seattle. We sit down, drink beers and run through beats. I leave with seven, write to three, book another show and flyback 4/19 weekend to lay them down at his studio. Show goes great. Fly back. Jordan Thomas ( engineers the levels and we shoot it to Fam Royals’ DJ Jay Hutch to mixtape (scratch, blend & beatjuggle). I wanted it to feel like old DJ Clue tapes. 
The limited edition cover art is by Sea-Town weirdo Adair Yvonne ( Shes absolute genius. I’m geeked we we’re able to get her…” 

- Northwest News 

track list: 
1) Intro 
2) Far from Home 
3) Layers 
4) H.Hughes (feat 10-19 the Numberman) 
5) BDK


from the Mini​-​Tapes pt​.​1, track released 19 July 2013 
A.Mosberg, J.King, J.Smith, J.Thomas, J.Hutch, J.Todd, M.Marl


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